What do I want to do?


Written on 2:29:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Something I wanna do in the US before I leave (to answer Jordan's question)

- Going to NYC
- Going to the MoMA
- Visiting friends in California
- Sipping Malibu cocktail on the beach
- Meeting with my blog friends
- Stepping into the US advertising business
- Being an ordinary and silly tourist and having fun with sightseeing around this country
- Making Adcenter's friends happier and better
- Walking with Jordan Childs in the park at night + Christmas decorations (We actually did this and had a good time together, haha)

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  1. JChilds |

    very few people have ever been able to do your last item...its a good list and we can no doubt knock out everything on it.


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