Bangkok Coffee Evening #2 : Updates


Written on 11:59:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Our Bangkok Coffee Evening #2 was spiced up by 3 more people joined. It's good and interesting that more people would love to join. I came to the Foodloft first to reserve the table for our participants.10 minutes passed...Pip, a planner from Hakuhodo who loves getting drunk (on the right) called me where our table was. Then, Pik (on the left) a planner from Bates, got to draft a questionnaire tonight for her boss called Pip. 3 of us went to order our meal and we metJay and Ont (L to R), Jay is a planner from Dentsu who is studying a Master's degree and Ont is an explorer from a great research company, called Vitamin. After I finished my Chicken curry with rice, the last person showed up, His name is Tee+, a planner from Dentsu and a Jay's colleague who said to us that he has gained 3 extra kilos since New Year.Finally, a time to say goodbye then we took a group photo together with my plastic panda mask. See you next week!

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  1. Oakie |

    Yeah, someone might be asking what we were talking about. (sorry i forgot to add) We talked about agency's life and works, account planning sources, academic and work background, and a bit about iPhone and Steve Job's presentation.

  2. johanna |

    I am so glad to finally see your face! Nice to meet you :) You guys have such cool names over there.

  3. Oakie |

    Johanna, thanks for your comment. The cool names you mentioned are our nickname. The first name of everybody is too long and difficult to pronounce.

  4. 日月神教-任我行 |



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