Written on 7:34:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

When i took subway(MRT) in Tokyo many years ago, viewing many people focused on their cell phone like they were isolated from a real world is normal. Many articles support this fact that japanese are addicted on a cellular level by sending 300 emails a day or spending most of time with their cell phone.

Wired website gave me the development of the above information (i cut some parts) - Chaco types furiously on her cell phone keypad, stopping only to take an occasional puff of her Seven Stars menthol cigarette. But she's not sending a text message. She's writing a novel. Chaco is becoming one of the most popular mobile phone novelists in Japan. In the last 14 months, she wrote five novels, including her best seller, What the Angel Gave Me, which has sold more than 1 million copies to date........"A mobile phone novel boom is definitely in place," And these are people who hardly ever read novels before, never mind written one."
Next summer, the company will debut software that allows mobile phone novelists to integrate sounds and images into their story lines.

This is fascinating that the world is always changing, i wonder how should we deal with the overloaded information if people mostly become the creators, then we spend less time in consuming these information?

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  1. kevin |

    I think that part of what is fueling all of this is the increased social interaction that is possible over electronic i think that by the nature of social interaction people will consume what others make, or those that don't and ignore what others make stand to have their own content ignored unless its really, really good. Just a thought...

  2. Oakie |

    Kevin, thanks for your thought. I really do agree and the world is getting smaller,then these things make the social interaction is almost perfect.


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