Written on 7:12:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Have you ever been asked what do you think of "Flamingo"? What comes to your mind when i say Flamingo? i guess, Florida will be the top answer. I think Flamingo is a lucky animal because not so many animals can represent the city or country. As i can think of others are Koala bear for Australia, and Panda for China. Can anyone think of other animals?

City marketing with the local animal is rare but i think Flamingo is a good and clear example.

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  1. johanna |

    pigeon for New York? haha :)

    I'm from Florida! weird though - never seen a flamingo there except for at a zoo. There are more alligators in my area. But you're right - definitely a Florida thing.

  2. Oakie |

    Johanna, there are many pigeons in the business area in Bangkok (Silom and Wireless road)/ i am not sure about the correlation between pigeon and business area.


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