Too many keys


Written on 11:02:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I have been spent more time than the past in surfing internet, visiting websites, reading blogs, signing up for something, buying stuffs online...etc. One of my insight that i never told anyone is "i got too many sets of username and password." Those are for email, Ebay, paypal, banking, blogging, online gaming, Flickr, adage and etc. (yeah! simply is the best,write down them on your notepad..should i?) Has anyone come up with a good software or web application that dealing with this problem? Kind of password bank, password keeper or whatever you call!

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  1. johanna |

    What web browser do you use? Firefox always asks me if I want them to remember the password I type, and then I never have to type them again! Firefox saves them all, and you can view them all (or delete it if you change your password) under the preferences.

  2. Clay Parker Jones |

    Firefox does do that... but one of the things that I do as well is write everything down in my moleskine. I've got over two pages now (with plenty of blank lines around each one to allow for pw changes). It's a good idea, I think, but I do worry about it falling into the wrong hands. Heaven help me if Gargamel got his hands on it.


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