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Written on 11:45:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

The tap project by UNICEF is quite interesting. The highlight will be on Mar22,2007, the United Nations' world water day, participated restuarants in NY will invite their customers to pay 1$ for something they normally get for free, tap water. For people who are not in NY, they can donate their money online at www.tapproject.org The collected funds will be supported the UNICEF water programs by providing safe water for children around the world.

David Droga and Pharrell Williams are the official supporter. With $1 UNICEF can provide 40 liters of safe drinking water which is enough to give one child safe drinking water for 40 days or 40 children safe drinking water for one day. For New Yorkers, if you will eat out on Mar22,2007, please help these children.

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  1. Doug |

    this is a lovely idea. unicef are fast becoming one of the most forward-thinking charity organisations in the world, especially in the context of 'branding' themselves & fundraising. I think this, and also the FC Barcelona sponsorship, are both great examples of this.


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