I love LUSH


Written on 3:28:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Lush is one of my favorite brands, i firstly fall in love with Lush when i was on company trip to Sydney, Australia. Buying Lush products is kind of a little pleasure for me. Lush promise the consumer providing the youngest, freshest products in the history of cosmetics. I personally love to read Lush Times, what i really love the most is to read the quotes from consumers. See the pic for an example.

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  1. Alliea |

    Wow- someone who feels the same way as I do! I introduced my friends to Lush when we were shopping yesterday - and now were all lushies! We should form a cult(im kidding) . But seriously Lush makes my skin feel so soft and smelling so nice!

  2. Sophie |

    Lush is great! You can smell it from miles away!


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