Corporate secrets


Written on 9:15:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

People love (other's) secret and walls have ears. According to my experiences in media agencies, there are top three secrets that the typical guy has kept :
1.A coworker's plan to quit

2.An affair between 2 employees

3.Plan to fire someone

Anyone share these the same kind?? or are there any other secret??
Image from cackhanded via flickr

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  1. stackingchairs |

    thanks for the comment. Nice blog.

  2. Stan Lee |

    I've done all three!

  3. Doug |

    seems like agencies the world over thrive on the same gossip!!!

  4. neilperkin |

    Nevermind the co-worker, what about ones own plans to quit? Lots of people carry that one around for ages.


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