Written on 3:50:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I took this pic in front of AIIZ store. AIIZ is Thai local brand of clothing and just launched this "IN LOVE" campaign for coming Valentine's season. The overall look and theme are similar to (Red) campaign. I am not sure whether they tend to copy Red campaign or not but the concept of selling that IN LOVE clothes are pretty the same as Red products. They will give some profits to a charity. Even the parentheses symbol ( see the pic), i deeply feel shame in my mind.

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  1. neilperkin |

    You're right. The similarities seem too close to be anything else. Shame.

  2. Adriana |

    Yea.. They are trying something similar to (RED). Anyways, I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Let’s support(RED) to help treat and prevent AIDS in Africa! Send eCards to show support of a great cause! They are beautiful and free. The web address is
    Go check it out!

  3. Oakie |

    Thanks :) I will check it out to spread the love. Happy Valentine's


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