Cupcakes time


Written on 4:06:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Accidentally bought these lovely cupcakes by cupcakes inc. and found them on the way back home. There were 2 things i was impressed - 1. The packaging, it's bag and box at the same time 2. They look nice and delicious. People stared at my cupcakes and packaging while i was holding them nicely. errr..i was shy.

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  1. johanna |

    They're so cute! and look delicious. Cupcakes are huge in the U.S., have you seen this blog? It's fun.

  2. Oakie |

    Thanks for fascinating blog :)

  3. M |

    Hi, would you happen to have Cupcakes Inc's address or contact number in Bangkok? Thanks.

  4. Oakie |

    They sell their product at BTS (Siam station) if i pass by, will get the contact for you. leave your contact email for me, pls.

  5. M |

    contact info:
    Thank you ka :)

  6. Anonymous |

    Pls check out
    Cupcake delivery in bangkok thailand

  7. allie |

    Did you ever find their contact information? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  8. Meawmeaw |

    They look so yummy!
    How much for each cupcake ka?

  9. patabo |

    Do you have contact no. of this ??


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